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DiSiRt – Disinfection Robot

The new generation of DiSiRt disinfection robots is designed to safely disinfect rooms where many people are present during the day. In these areas we are particularly exposed to SARS-COV2 infection, so it is important to disinfect these rooms, during breaks and at night. 

The first series of robots will be equipped with UV-C lamps of medical standard and sensors to identify people. We want to ensure the safety of people who may accidentally enter the room with maximum disinfection parameters. A replaceable battery will optimize the time of disinfection.

For whom

– hospitals, clinics
– patient rooms, offices, registrations, communication routes
– shops, shopping malls, warehouses
– schools, kindergartens
– factories
– offices
– public transport – buses, metro, trains, planes
– private apartments and houses

You own a shop, a clinic, you run a business

How it works

UV-C light eliminates up to 99.99% of microorganisms from our environment. It destroys their genetic material permanently. The motion of the robot with UV-C lamps eliminates shadow zones and increases the effectiveness of disinfection. Additional ozonizer activation allows for disinfection of spaces where the light does not reach. Such disinfection does not release toxic chemicals. Disinfection should be performed in accordance with the manual attached to the device.

DiSiRt Solution

Operator Site

Operator UI
Charging Station

Robot Site

DiSiRt Disinfection Robot

DiSiRt Solution

Disinfection Robot in detail.
The system’s components:


Main UV-C
Nebulisation device
Ozone generator
Aux UV-C


Human Detector
RGB-D Camera


Safety STOP
Speaker & Mic



DiSiRt Product Palette

Why DiSiRt

– fast and effective disinfection
– no chemicals toxic to the environment or humans
– planning and optimisation of disinfection
– simultaneous surface and air disinfection
– quick return to use after switching off the UV-C lamps
– disinfection reports
– battery and lamp operating time meter
– elimination of human error factor in disinfection
– protection of staff and customers
– for small and large indoor areas
– reducing disinfection costs through automation

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